highly specialized in french and english  translation of medical and technical devices. 



Are you ready to reach more clients or are you looking to better serve your existing French-speaking clients? You will be able to accomplish this SIMPLY by offering your products and services in French!  Seventy percent of internet users speak languages other than English. Chinese-Mandarin and Hindu are #1 and #2, while French is #2 in Canada and #9 in the world!

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Content creation

Are you struggling with writing content for your brochure, website or social media channels or you SIMPLY DON’T HAVE THE TIME to do it yourself?  I can help! Book your FREE 30-minute call with me today! All I ask is that you are willing to put in the necessary TIME in the process and I will invest my TALENT and ENERGY to give you what you NEED.


You’ve written content, a book, an article but you need someone to proofread and provide copy editing services? Look no further!  I am an experienced proofreader with natural and honed skills. Grammar and spelling mistakes are easily detected by my keen eye for details. My services are available in English and French.

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Did you know?

Fifty-six percent of customers say that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price

Did you know?

Promoting your brand and services in a second language WILL help you reach more clients.

Why choose to work with me?


Twenty years of translation, content writing and proofreading experience in a variety of fields, including healthcare, office and technical documents.

Fast Service

Big or small job, I will work with you to meet your deadline.

Commitment to quality

I won’t deliver anything other than the best quality in everything that I do.


I am an experienced translator with an Honours certificate from Humber College.


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